Absolute type multi-turn rotary encoders Série EPM50

Absolute type multi-turn rotary encoders Série EPM50 - Série EPM50

ø50mm shaft type absolute multi-turn rotary encoders EPM50 series makes possible to realize space saving mounting and to implement various user applications by adding side connector type line-ups. Absolute multi-turn encoders EPM50 series provides both absolute position data per revolution and revolution count data with 23 bit high resolution and accuracy. In addition, the series allows more diverse user’s choice with parallel and serial (SSI) transmission type outputs. It can be used for control of an industrial robot or high precision motor.

Major features 

  • More diverse installations available with newly added side connector type line-up
  • Easy zero adjustment using single-turn / multi-turn data separated reset function
  • Compact size of diameter φ50mm
  • Parallel data / SSI data transmission type
  • Total 23bit resolution(8,388,608 divisions) of 10bit single-turn(1024 divisions) and 13bit multi- turn(8192 divisions)
  • Memorizing revolution data up to ±90?after blackout without memory back up function
  • Possible CW/CCW direction setting with direction function
  • Maximizing users convenience with clear, overflow alarm (OVF) function
  • Protection structure IP64(Partial waterproof, Oil proof) 
  • Provides Latch function(Parallel output model only)


  • Rotation and position control of the wind turbine generator.

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